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Nov 06
Bean Dreamin’ uses the spirit of teamwork to help raise money to build school in Guatemala

(Pictured from left: Francine Gr. 11, Lucas King, Vice Principal of Mountainside Secondary, Abby Gr .12, Sarah Gr. 12, Patrick Gr. 11)

Mountainside's Bean Dreamin' team is a small and powerful group of highly motivated students. The team is fundraising in the hopes of shedding light on the impactful initiatives that students are involved in at Mountainside Secondary, while raising enough money to travel to Guatemala to construct a small school building.

About the initiative

This dedicated team of students feel so incredibly fortunate to have a school like Mountainside to come to and learn each day. They want to pay it forward and help other children and youth on a global scale so that everyone can have the same accessibility to a quality education.

The team's goal is to fundraise $20,000 to cover the cost of building a classroom and travel expenses between now and March 2019.

An important aspect of their fundraising will be selling cups of coffee and coffee beans grown by a small coffee growing cooperative in Guatemala.


This initiative is quite different from others that typically happen in the school district.

The team is not charging students to participate, as many of them do not have the financial ability to pay for such an experience. Instead, they plan to work as a team and raise money through hard work, dedication, and reaching out to community partners.


Some Bean Dreamin' members have also started writing grant applications and letters to local businesses to let them know about the initiative and encourage the larger community to get involved.

Ways to help

Want to help support the Bean Dreamin' team in their fundraising goal? Stop by the Mountainside Secondary School office at 3365 Mahon Ave, North Vancouver to buy a bag of freshly roasted coffee.

If you are interested in having the wonderful Bean Dreamin' team come and serve fresh cups of coffee at your school's next event (great for parent teacher conferences or morning drop off times!) email Lucas King, Vice Principal of Mountainside at


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