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Staff profile: Learning Support Teacher Deanna Sherrill


Learning Support Teacher Deanna Sherrill has decorated her classroom at Canyon Heights Elementary with inspiring quotes.

by NVSD Communications

Deanna Sherrill was inspired to become a teacher in not just any school district, but North Vancouver specifically, because of her experience at Argyle Secondary.

One of Sherrill's high school teachers stood up for her during a difficult time. 

"That teacher made a difference in my life," explains Sherrill.  "After graduating, I became a behavioural therapist."

However, Sherrill soon realized she wanted to do more.

"I wanted to be a voice for students who hadn't found their own yet," she explains. "I wanted to advocate for those students who had not yet learned to advocate for themselves, so I became a special education teacher."

Prior to joining the North Vancouver School District this past September, Sherrill worked in the Texas public school system. 

"Once I knew what type of educator I wanted to be, the only place that made sense for me was the North Vancouver School District – so it was the only place I applied," explains Sherrill.

A favourite part of her job is having conversations and creating impactful relationships with students at Canyon Heights Elementary, where Sherrill works as a Learning Support Teacher.

"As soon as I walk into the classroom, the little things in my life seem to melt away and the focus is on the kids," she says.

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Sherrill says she has chosen a career that does not fit into a box "because I never fit into one."

Professionally, Sherrill is most proud of modelling this school of thought: "If the child cannot learn the way we teach, we must teach the way the child can learn."

It is clear Sherrill is where she is meant to be, from both a lifestyle and career standpoint.

Another reason Sherrill came back to North Vancouver was so she could spend more time enjoying her vast and beautiful 'backyard.'

"I wake up every morning and think: 'I get to be here and I'm a NVSD teacher!' I never thought I would be able to say: 'I am a teacher in North Van.' "