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Personal Practices and Health Awareness

Updated: August 25, 2022

Schools can be supportive environments for communicable disease prevention by having staff model personal practices, sharing reliable information (e.g. BCCDC), promoting personal practices in the school, and ensuring individual choices for personal practices (e.g. wearing a mask) are supported and treated with respect.

Personal Practices:
  • check for symptoms of illness and stay home if sick (Health Awareness)
  • wearing a mask or face covering is a personal choice
  • practice hand hygiene often
  • practice respiratory etiquette
  • respect personal space
  • avoid sharing items that come into contact with the mouth (e.g. food, drinks, utensils, etc)
Everyone entering the school (students, staff and visitors) should be aware of their responsibility to practice health awareness, including that they should not come to school if they are sick.

[Source]: Provincial Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 School Settings