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North Vancouver School District
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NVSD Back-to-School Plan: September 2020
Facilities & Planning Highlights

For the past 15 years, the North Vancouver School District has actively and regularly invested in our school buildings. The highlights below are specific to our investment in preparation for the safe and healthy return to school for our students and staff.

CUSTODIAL Infographics_2020-2021_EDIT_CleanDisinfect.png

  • Installation of cleaning and disinfectant dispensing stations in custodial closets across all facilities to ensure custodians are able to achieve a cleaning product's proper dilution ratio.
  • Procurement of auto floor scrubbers (for elementary) and ride-on floor scrubbers (for secondary); every school now has its own machine.
  • Procurement of hand-held and back-pack style electrostatic discharge sprayer equipment to enhance disinfecting efficiency throughout our schools.


  • Installation of tabletop plexi glass barriers.
  • Development and preparation of floor marking decals, floor marking tape and signage for each school.
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HAND HYGIENE Infographics_2020-2021_EDIT_Handwashing.png

  • Installation of new common area/corridor sinks (with soap and paper towel dispensers) across elementary schools to provide additional handwashing capacity.
  • At secondary schools, site evaluation for possible locations for the installation of new common area/corridor sinks is in progress. 
  • Installation of one fixed wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser in each portable classroom to complement bottled hand sanitizer on site.
  • Ample supply of hand sanitizer to support its deployment across all school sites.


School districts are required to ensure that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed, operated, and maintained as per standards and specifications for the ongoing comfort of their buildings' occupants.

To enhance school ventilation, we are:

  • Extending the scheduled operating hours of HVAC systems.
  • Increasing the intake volume of outdoor air to our mechanical ventilation systems.
  • Reviewing zone pressurization options to enhance air flow in naturally ventilated systems.
  • Moving activities (e.g. lunch, classes, physical activity) outdoors when space and weather permit.  
  • Opening windows when possible and if weather permits.

The district has a wide-area network building automation system that enables centralized HVAC system control of all of its facilities and is used to continuously monitor and report on system performance.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is used to plan and track preventative maintenance (e.g. HVAC system filter changes) and to rapidly deploy trades resources for system maintenance and repair.

Facilities and Planning Highlights.pdf