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North Vancouver School District
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NVSD Back-to-School Plan: September 2020
Elementary School (K to 7) Highlights

Updated: September 4, 2020

The North Vancouver School District Stage 2 Restart Plan prioritizes the health and safety of students and staff, while maximizing in-class instructional time.

Students will continue to learn the BC Curriculum, a student-centred and flexible curriculum, which maintains a focus on literacy and numeracy, develops the core competencies (communication, critical thinking, and personal and social), and supports deeper learning.

STAGE 2 LEARNING MODEL: "The Classroom is the Cohort"

  • Students will return to full time in-class instruction.
  • The cohort/learning group consists of the classroom teacher(s)/support staff and students only.
  • Learning groups will be small in size, ranging from 20 to 29 students, plus the teacher/support staff.
  • Learning that would have taken place in common spaces (e.g. library, music room, computer lab, gym), will instead take place in the classroom or outdoors.
  • Specialized staff may provide programs or supports in the classroom space when wearing face masks, maintaining physical distance and practicing hand hygiene prior to entering.
  • There will be an increased frequency and encouragement of outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Buddy class activities are suspended until further notice.


The Learning Model allows for a seamless transition between stages, should there be a move to Stage 3 or 4.

  • Within their classrooms, students will be grouped into A/B/C/D.
  • In Stages 3 and 4, assigned groups will attend the maximum time possible within cohort limits and density targets. On an alternate schedule:
    • In Stage 3, up to half of students will attend in-class instruction, while the other half will be self-directed and use remote learning, as outlined in the weekly classroom plan.
    • In Stage 4, up to 25% of students will attend in-class instruction daily.
  • Throughout all stages, Microsoft Teams will be used for every class to facilitate communication.  
  • At all stages, weekly learning plans will posted on Microsoft Teams.  

  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)    Infographics_2020-2021_EDIT_WearMask_Boy.png

    Non-medical face masks are:

    • Not required for elementary students, but will be available. Students may wear them as a personal choice.
    • Required if a student becomes sick at school.
    • Worn by staff in high traffic areas, common areas and any time they are outside their learning group and unable to maintain physical distance of 2 metres.

    For details regarding the Health and Safety measures we have in place across our school district, please refer to the NVSD Back-to-School Plan: September 2020 | Health and Safety Highlights document.


    • Communication from schools to families will begin the week of August 24th and will be ongoing in the lead up to the start of school.
    • Families will be notified of:
      • Student placement, prior to student orientation, which begins on September 10th.
      • School-specific health and safety measures, by the first week of September.
      • The adjusted gradual entry schedule for Kindergarten, by the first week of September.