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North Vancouver School District
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Trustee Cyndi Gerlach


Trustee Cyndi Gerlach

North Vancouver Board of Education
2121 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver BC V7M 2K6


School Liaison Assignments

Sutherland Secondary School
Brooksbank Elementary School
Eastview Elementary School
Queensbury Elementary School
Ridgeway Elementary School

School District Assignments

Audit Committee

French Immersion Advisory Committee

North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council Liaison Trustee 

North Vancouver School District Policy Review Committee 

School Calendar Committee

Screening and Selection of Principals (alt)

Municipal Assignments

North Shore Substance Abuse Committee

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

Provincial Assignments

British Columbia Public School Employers' Association


Cyndi Gerlach has been a special education and inclusion advocate for over a decade. As she enters her third term as School Trustee, Cyndi brings with her a renewed energy and ongoing commitment to ensure that all student have a voice at the table, and can fully access a supportive and safe learning environment within our schools, regardless of their educational, health, and mental wellness needs.

Along with her deep understanding of the special needs side of education, Cyndi also works hard to support students in our LGBTQ+ community. She stands behind the SOGI 123 principles and ensures she spends the time needed to talk with students, teachers, and community members, learning first-hand the challenges our students face.

She will continue to advocate for inclusion and respect for everyone in our schools, especially students who are in the greatest need of that support. Cyndi believes that it is through our schools and public education system that we can have the greatest positive impact on bringing the message of acceptance and inclusion into our communities and beyond.

Cyndi has a diverse professional network and broad knowledge-base that continues to inform her and help her support students and their families. Most importantly, Cyndi is open to new information, new learning, and new ideas. She embraces the idea that there is always more to know and discover, and always more than one perspective on all issues and challenges.

She believes that we, as a community, can work together to create a fully collaborative, safe, and inclusive learning environment capable of providing excellence in education to every student in the District of North Vancouver. Cyndi welcomes your input, and invites you to participate in creating the best possible future for all our children.