Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District

2015 Major Award Winners

Award                                                Grade                         Recipient 

History 12                                           12                                Martz, Gabriel 

History 12                                           12                                Clausius, Sophie 

Pascal Math contest                            9                                  Chen, Lucas 

Cayley Math contest                           10                                Diaz, Ximena 

Fermat Math Contest                          10                                Heathcote, Bentley 

English                                                12                                Bishop, Shaelin 

Social Justice                                       12                                Schmidt, Sarah 

Fr Immersion 8                                    8                                  Bent, Claire 

Fr Immersion 9                                    9                                  Schulz, Armin 

Fr Immersion 10                                  10                                Albu, Nika 

Fr Immersion 11                                  11                                Tom, Colby 

Fr Immersion 12                                  12                                Clausius, Sophie 

Fr Immersion 12                                  12                                Lonergan, Gillian 

Gauss Math contest                              8                                 Manouchehri, Sadra 

Gauss Math contest                              8                                 Tan, Jarel 

Euclid Math contest                            12                                Wright, Taylor 

Service Gold Plaque                           12                                Manshrek, Katherine 

Service Gold Plaque                           12                                Kim, Yenah 

Service Gold Plaque                           12                                Myers, Brooklin 

Service Gold Plaque                           12                                Khan, Fibha 

Service Silver Plaque                          12                               Wu, Julia 

Service Silver Plaque                          11                               Carley, Cameron 

Service Silver Plaque                          11                               Suri, Siddharth 

Service Bronze Plaque                        10                               Suarez, Malcolm 

Service Bronze Plaque                        12                               Sands, Julia 

Service Bronze Plaque                        10                               Reisner, June 

Service Bronze Plaque                        12                               Grehan, Colleen 

Service Bronze Plaque                        12                               Clausius, Sophie 

Service Bronze Plaque                        12                               Macdonald, Rakel 

Service Bronze Plaque                        12                               Bowman, Samantha 

Service Bronze Plaque                        10                               Vaux, Isabelle 

Senior Science award                          12                               Conquergood, Nicole 

Grade 8 male athlete of the year           8                                White, Keelan 

Grade 8 female athlete of the year       8                                 Anderson, Chloe 

Grade 9 male athlete of the year          9                                  Gorgounis, Jordan 

Grade 9 female athlete of the year       9                                  Jarvinen, Amara 

Grade 10 male athlete of the year        10                                Patterson, Shane 

Grade 10 female athlete of the year     10                                Wood, Devon 

Grade 11 male athlete of the year        11                                Biro, Stefan 

Grade 11 female athlete of the year     11                                Clayford-Beckie, Sarah 

Grade 12 male athlete of the year        12                                Puri, Lucas 

Grade 12 female athlete of the year     12                                Mundie, Alex 

Grade 9 female athlete of the year        9                                 Elliott, Kristie 

Grade 10 male athlete of the year        10                                Flores, Adrian 

Grade 11 male athlete of the year        11                                Holowaty, Michael 

Grade 11 female athlete of the year     11                                Kellman, Kristen 

Grade 12 male athlete of the year        12                                Armstrong, Jack 

Grade 12 female athlete of the year     12                                Mundie, Jordie 

Grade 8 Excellence Award                   8                                  Jones, Robbie 

Grade 9 Excellence Award                   9                                  Sutcliff, Joe 

Grade 10 Excellence Award               10                                  Vaux, Isabelle 

Grade 11 Excellence Award               11                                  Carley, Cameron 

Grade 12 Excellence Award               12                                  Grehan, Colleen 

Grade 8 top Academic                          8                                   Mitchell, Cameron 

Grade 9 top Academic                          9                                   Sutcliffe, Joe  

Grade 10 top Academic                      10                                   Albu, Nika  

Grade 11 top Academic                      11                                   Juwono, Stephen  


Year End Awards
At the Windsor Awards ceremony in June the following awards will be recognized:
·         The Honour Roll certificate is awarded to students who achieved Honour Roll or Honour Roll with Distinction status in both Terms 1 and 2. (see previous page for full criteria).
·         The Honour Roll with Distinction certificate and the prestigious Duke Pin are awarded to students who achieve Honour Roll with Distinction status in both Terms 1 and 2 (see Honour Roll page for full criteria).
·         A Certificate, Medal, or Plaque of Service is awarded to students who have made very significant contributions to the quality of school life at Windsor through extracurricular and volunteer activities. These awards are cumulative through the students years at Windsor.  Students must track through year on a Service Tracking Form available in Student Services and have a sponsor sign-off on the hours and quality of service. The deadline for the completion and handing in of the tracking sheet is mid-May.
·         A Certificate, Medal, or Plaque of Athletics is awarded to students who have made contributions to athletics at Windsor through their participation in school-based sports. These awards are cumulative through the student’s years at Windsor. Athletic points can be earned as follows:
Ø  1-10 points for participation on a school team (based on contribution, sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication to the team)
Ø  1-2 points awarded for reaching the North Shore playoffs
Ø  1 point awarded for reaching the Vancouver and District playoffs
Ø  1-3 points awarded for reaching the B.C. Championships
Top Individual Awards
·         Governor-General’s Academic Medal is awarded to the graduating student with top Grade 12 academic marks. (As final marks are not determined until August, this award is generally presented at the next year’s award ceremony).
·         Windsor Excellence Award (Grades 8-12) is presented annually to the student whose combined scholastic achievement, service-related endeavours, citizenship, athletics, and participation in the arts stand out across the grade. At Grade 10, this award is named the Trevor Craven Memorial Award.
·         Top Academic Achievement Award (Grades 8-12) is given to the student whose academic average (all courses: Terms 1 and 2) ranks as the highest in the entire grade based on the minimum number of courses for Honour Roll requirements.
·         Subject Awards (Grades 8-12) are determined by some departments.
·         The Top Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards (Grades 8-12) are determined by the Windsor Athletic Council.
Athletic Points and Awards
At the end of each school year, proficiency and contribution in the field of interscholastic athletics is recognized in the form of athletic awards. The criteria for determining point distribution are outlined below. At the end of each sport season, Windsor Athletic Points are awarded to athletes that participate on a school team. These Athletic Points are included in the criteria for nominating Athletes of the Year at various grade levels and as criteria for selecting Athletic Participation Awards.
·         Athletic Certificates, Medals & Plaques shall be awarded to student athletes who accumulate the corresponding point totals in their athletic career at Windsor.
Certificate             25-49 Points                         Bronze Plaque                                      125-149 Points
Bronze Medal      50-74 Points                         Silver Plaque                                         150-174 Points
Silver Medal         75-99 Points                         Gold Plaque                                          175-199 Points
Gold Medal           100-124 Points                     Athletic Directors Plaque                   200+ Points
·         The criteria for Outstanding Athlete, or ‘Athlete of the Year’ awards are as follows:
a)       Students in grade 8, 9, 10 must participate in 3 or more sports
b)      Students in grade 11, 12 must participate in 2 or more sports
c)       Students with the highest total of athletic points shall be recipients of the award
d)      Two students from each grade, one from each gender will be designated recipients
e)       Where multiple student athletes have similar scores, the winner shall be determined by the Athletic Coordinator in consultation with teacher coaches and PE instructors familiar with the athletes in question.