Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Choices Program
Choices Program Overview
Choices is an intervention currently in place in all six mainstream secondary schools in North Vancouver.  Winsdor’s program began in September 2012.  The purpose of Choices is to support students with social, emotional and behavior issues.  These students need assistance to recognize, understand, and create strategies to overcome these issues that have caused barriers to learning.  They are still a part of their school community, engaging in academic and social activities that fit their learning needs, while having the opportunity to connect to teachers, support workers and counselors who are able to adapt their program without having to exit them to an alternate program. Choices is an intervention, with the ultimate goal of having students maintain their educational experience at their regular mainstream high school.  The key component of Choices is the partnership with the regular classroom teachers, grade counsellors, District Counsellors, parents and community to collaborate, create and maintain a program of support for students.