Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Sutherland Exam Information


Students in most academic courses will be required to write formal final examinations at the end of each semester.  Exam schedules will be posted prior to the exams and students are responsible for knowing when and where their exams take place. 

  • Arrive at the exam location 10 minutes early

  • Make sure you have all the pens, pencils, rulers, calculators or other supplies that will be required

  • No one will be permitted to enter the exam room later than 1/2 an hour after the beginning of the exam

  • Everyone must remain in the exam until the exam time is over. (You may bring extra reading material but NO ELECTRONICS, TRANSLATORS, or any other unauthorized devices.)  Use your time effectively; review the test after you have completed it to check for possible errors

  • Students are not permitted to use cell phones as calculators.  Nor can students share calculators

  • Please be mindful of maintaining a quiet environment in the school before and after your exam time

  • Cheating is extremely serious.  Exam papers will be removed and the student will be dealt with in accordance to school policy


All students who have final examinations are required to write them during the scheduled school examination period.  For the Provincial Exam, the schedule cannot be altered.  It is set by the provincial government for all students in British Columbia.  Parents and families must make all efforts to avoid planning holidays that conflict with scheduled exams.

A parent must phone the school for any student ill on the day of a school exam.  A follow-up note to your teacher must be brought promptly. No exceptions.

Students who are unable to write a Provincial Exam as a result of a serious illness or injury must contact the administrators as soon as possible.  Medical documentation may be required.  Provincial exams missed for any reason may only be re-written at the next sitting of the provincial exam.  To view schedule go to:    Provincial Exam Schedule