Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Learning Services



Learning Assistance Program (LAC)Grades 8 and 9

Students are recommended for this program based on referral by teachers and counselors and/or parents and the approval of the School Based Resource Team and Administration. This course is one block daily that consists of curriculum support, development of learning strategies and remediation of skills.


Applications for Learning (LAC) – Grades 10-12

Applications for Learning is a non-credit course. Students learn the skills to become self-advocates for their individual learning style, learn specific study skills, hone time management and organizational skills and receive effective monitoring and support in all their academic subject areas.  Students in this course are based on teacher, counselor, parent or self-referrals.


Learning Support Centre (LSC) Program

LSC students are chosen based on recommendations from teachers, counselors and parents and approval of the School Based Resource Team and Administration.  The objective of the program is to provide an appropriate academic program that matches the students' skill level and abilities.  Students in this program usually have a special needs designation and an IEP. 

The program provides intensive support to students who are receiving instruction in a regular classroom.   This support is offered in the form of daily intensive work in an individual or small group setting, supported integration or periodic pullout from regular classes.  Students may have varying levels of support throughout the day based on their individual needs.



Choices is designed to support students with social/emotional and behaviour issues. Students receive assistance in recognizing and overcoming challenges that have caused barriers to their learning and have the opportunity to remain connected with, and belong to, their local school community.

Students who are involved in the program may come to the Choices classroom for support in connection with a regularly scheduled class, may work on adapted curriculum in a specific Choices block or simply touch base with the Choices team outside of their regular schedule. Key to Choices is the partnership with regular classroom teachers, grade counsellors, School District counsellors, Choices staff, parents and community partners who collaborate, create and maintain a program of personalized, individual support for students.


The school counsellors, aided by the counselling records clerk, provide a wide range of services to students.  These services include program planning, help with academic difficulties and timetable concerns, career education, post-secondary information, scholarship and bursary information, information on alternate programs (summer school, distance education, etc.) and counseling support to individuals or families.  To consult a counsellor about personal, family or social concerns, school or career planning, just drop in to the counseling office.  Although each counsellor is assigned specific grade responsibilities, students may seek assistance from any counsellor.



The focus of Sutherland's library resource centre program is to encourage the development of independent life-long learners with the ability to adapt in an information and communication rich society.  The library program assumes the responsibility to ensure that students and teachers are effective users of ideas and information by providing:


  • a library that functions efficiently as the information center of the school, both physically and virtually

  • intellectual access to a wide array of up-to-date information in both print and non-print formats

  • physical access to information in an open, flexibly scheduled library

  • learning experiences that encourage students to become discriminating researchers and skilled creators of information by providing individual and group instruction

  • leadership, instruction and consulting assistance in the use of information and communication technology by providing in-service to teachers and instruction to students

  • leadership, instruction and consulting assistance in promoting the value and joy of reading and the appreciation of literature

  • resources and activities that contribute to life-long learning through active involvement in curriculum initiatives and individual school programs

  • resources and learning activities that represent diversity


    Each September, library policies and procedures will be reviewed with students and staff.

    Sutherland library has in place an overdue fine system.  Students with books overdue will be fined 10 cents a day per book, to a maximum of $2.00 per book, per term.  A maximum of an $8.00 fine per book is possible in a school year if a book is overdue for four terms. Students are asked to pay their library fine for overdue books or the replacement cost of books lost.  The library fine system is supported by the Administration and the Sutherland Parent Advisory Council. This step has been taken to encourage students to return library materials on time.   When books are kept past their due date, they are unavailable to other students and staff who need them.