Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Information Technology

ICT:  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 10     (4 credits)                                        (MINT-10)
Today’s high school students are the most technologically sophisticated in history.  However, the job market demands that these students strive to move beyond the rudimentary applications of facebook, email and the features on their smartphone.  This course provides an opportunity to establish a foundation in our world of technology.  Info Tech 10 is a course for Grade 9 and 10 students interested in developing their computer skills.  In this course, students will learn how to utilize web based applications as well as study and create mobile apps. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash will be introduced.  Info Tech 10 students will also learn how to create websites and have an opportunity to use different applications for multimedia presentations.  Success in this course will not only benefit students in their senior years in high school but also prepare them for the technological skills required for post secondary studies.  This foundational course will prepare students to choose senior level technology courses, Computer Information Systems 11 and/or Digital Media Development 11 depending on their areas of interest.                                                                                                 
 No prerequisite
ICT:  COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 11             (4 credits)                 (MICTS11)
Information Technology is a general computer course that offers students a large variety in its areas of study.  Animation, 3D modeling, Graphic Design, Web Design, Mobile App Design and Game Development will be the key areas for this course. Students will have the opportunity to develop their Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator skills as well as learn to use Scirra Construct 2 for Game Design and Blender for 3D animation.  Additionally, computer programming will be utilized to create games and executable programs.  This course is recommended for anyone interested in a career in the computer industry and is a prerequisite course for student interested in pursuing computer programming course work at the post secondary level.                                                   
 No prerequisite                                                                                      
ICT:  COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 12      (4 credits)                          (MICTS12)
This course builds on the foundation provided by ICTS 11 and provides an opportunity for students’ advanced learning and development of skills in their area of choice.  This course is self-directed and project based and requires students to be self-motivated while working in a team and individual environment.  Students in Info Tech 12 are encouraged to create a portfolio of their work to prepare them for applications to post secondary institutions.  This course is project based and students will be encouraged to explore and challenge their skill set.                                              
Prerequisite:  MICTS11
CT:  DIGITAL MEDIA 11                                 (4 credits)                                                 (MICTM11)
Digital Media 11 explores the elements and principles of design in a digital world. The three main focuses of study are Digital Photography and Photoshop, Animation and Film and Television.  While creating digital images, students will learn the aesthetics of graphic design, about the elements of digital photography and develop advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques. Computer animation will be explored with Adobe Flash, and the Film and Television component will employ Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Aftereffects and Final Cut Pro.  Students will benefit from the latest Adobe Creative Suite software applications and top quality digital cameras, and digital video cameras.  This is a project-based course that will set the foundations for students’ careers in Vancouver’s growing computer industry.  Students interested in careers in Art, Design, Film or Photography should take this course.
Supplementary Fee:  $20.00
ICT:  DIGITAL MEDIA 12                              (4 credits)                                            (MICTM12)           
Digital Media 12 is a self directed and project based course that encourages students to develop their own projects and work on their portfolios for Post Secondary Educational Institutes.  Students will be assisted in translating their individual creative ideas and concepts into digital expressions as well as be given the opportunity to create and run the school’s multimedia presentations.  The creative process that is encouraged in this course will allow students to build their technical knowledge as well as gain an enhanced appreciation of the role and influence of digital media in society.  Students interested in careers in Art, Design, Film or Photography should take this course.                                                                           
Supplementary Fee $20.00                                                                                 
Prerequisite:  MICTM11                                                                                     
DESKTOP PUBLISHING 10, 11, 12 (YEARBOOK) (4 credits)                            (YCCT-0C)
                                                                                       (4 credits)                            (YCCT-1C)
                                                                                       (4 credits)                             (YCCT-2C)
Yearbook is an exciting course in which students create Sutherland’s yearbook.  Skill in areas such as computers, photography, English, art and graphics are useful and will be developed.  Students from grade 10 - 12 are encouraged to participate.  This course will be offered as an X block in the master timetable. A high level of maturity (along with the ability to work cooperatively, responsibly and independently) is essential because students must be willing and able to work outside the classroom setting.  Admission is by application.