Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Business Education
ACCOUNTING 11                                          (4 credits)                                        (MAC--11)
Accounting is the backbone of all business programs and is an excellent “springboard” to university commerce and business degrees.  Accounting is a system used to track and organize personal and business financial activities.  In this introductory course, you will learn to analyze and record business transactions and be taught how to produce financial papers such as Income Statements and Balance Sheets.  You will gain computer experience by working with MS Excel, MS Word and Sage Simply Accounting.  An accounting simulation and career exploration are included in the curriculum.   Purchase of a workbook for Accounting 11 is strongly recommended and can be used for Accounting 12 as well.                                                
 Prerequisite: None                                                                         
APPLIED ACCOUNTING 12                       (4 credits)                                       (MACC-12)
This second-level accounting course is intended for the serious business student who is planning to pursue business programs at the post-secondary level.  It is an Independent Directed Study (IDS) so the student who selects this option should be organized and self-motivated.  An Accounting 11 grade of 70% or higher is recommended.  Content will include merchandise accounting, bank reconciliation, payroll, adjusting and closing journal entries, worksheets, and financial ratio analysis.  The following resources will be used:  text and workbook, ACCOUNTING I.; software, including Works, Excel and Sage Simply Accounting; simulations, including a CGA sponsored product.                          Prerequisite:  MAC--11
TOURISM 11                                                 (4 credits)                                       (MTRM-11)
Tourism 11 is a course designed for those interested in pursuing a career in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry OR working in the field part-time while pursuing other educational goals.  Students will be given the opportunity to earn the following professional certificates:  Food Safe-Level 1, Super Host, Serving It Right.  These certificates are a valuable addition to any resume.
Supplementary Fee:  $20.00.  Assessment for each certification is extra.              Prerequisite:  None
TOURISM 12                                                 (4 credits)                                        (MTRM-12)
Tourism 12 is an extension of Tourism 11.  Students will be required to complete an independent learning package where they will research and do a class presentation on Vacationing in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and a Foreign Destination.  The student must be highly motivated as they are responsible for their own independent learning under the guidance and supervision of the classroom teacher.                                                                                              
Supplementary Fee:  $20.00.   Assessment for each certification is extra.            Prerequisite:  None
BUSINESS EDUCATION GENERAL 10            (4 credits)                                (MBEG-10)
BUSINESS COMPUTER APPLICATIONS  11      (4 credits)                                      (MBCA-11)
All students should take these courses.  This foundation course in business application systems is designed to develop students’ computing skills in practical areas:  keyboarding proficiency both as a personal skill and as a foundation for career development, word processing, spread sheets, database management, business communications and presentations.  By the end of the term, students will be efficient touch-typists and be able to confidently produce the documents required in high school, university and business.                                Prerequisite:  None

BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 12   (4 credits)                               (MBIM-12)    
This course is a second level word processing and business computer applications course.  It will include producing documents using word processing and desktop publishing software, business communication methods and strategies, and business presentation skills.  The skills learned in this course will be valuable to a wide variety of career goals – not just those specifically in business.          Prerequisite:  MBCA-11
MARKETING 12                                                       (4 credits)                           (MMK-12)
The forces of technology and globalization have created unprecedented opportunities for individuals who can fuse products and services with marketplace demands.  In today’s job market, marketing is the fastest growing sector of job opportunities.  Marketing 11/12 focuses on retail and consumer marketing in today’s global economy.  To prepare for the competitive marketplace of tomorrow, businesses need to research and develop all available aspects when promoting their products.  In this course, students will learn how to analyze the current market place and trends, develop a business plan, create advertising through commercial and print mediums, create a business website, and develop their own business card.  In an effort to leverage the technology available at Sutherland, this course will be taught in a computer lab.  Students will apply their knowledge and skills in a group project that simulates a real life business scenario.