Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Supplementary fees for art courses support the use of enhanced materials and artist quality supplies, for art take-home projects, and portfolio development.
ART 8                                                                                                                     (MVA--08)
This is a course for the beginning art student.  No previous experience or special talent for art is required.  The primary requirement for success is a reasonable effort during the lessons.  The student will experience some of the following activities:  the elements and principles of design and color, drawing and painting, ceramics, basic printmaking, cartooning, animation, lettering, sculpture, and art appreciation and awareness.  Students will be expected to purchase some special materials and supplies.     
Supplementary Fee:  $5.00
VISUAL ARTS 10:  GENERAL                    (4 credits)                                       (MVAG-10)
This is a beginning art course for grade 9 and 10 students interested in working with a range of art materials and themes.  Possible work will include:  the application of the elements and principles of design, drawing and painting, ceramics, fabric design, printmaking, advertising and sculpture.  Art history and criticism will be incorporated into the various units.   This course serves as an introduction to all senior level specialty art courses.                                                                                                                                                                                   
Supplementary Fee:  $10.00                                                                       
VISUAL ART AND MEDIA 11                     (4 credits)                                      (MVAMT11)
This is a course for students who enjoy photography and would like to experience the classic art of black and white darkroom photography. Students will be introduced to compositional techniques. Students are required to present the work of a master photographer of their choice to the class. Darkroom chemistry, film and print developing are the focus of this course. Film cameras are provided on a rotational basis through the school.   Supplementary Fee:  $45.00                                                                     
VISUAL ART AND MEDIA 12                            (4 credits)                                     (MVAMT12)
Photo 12 is a course for students who enjoy photography and wish to improve and advance their skills, both in and out of the darkroom. All students are required to have a digital camera of their own and are also able to borrow a 35mm single lens reflex camera from the school. Assignments will be more challenging and a variety of subject matter and themes will be explored. The historical and/or contemporary importance of photography in society will be examined in more depth in Photo 12. Specialized and more advanced equipment is available to students at the discretion of the teacher.                                                                                          Supplementary Fee:  $45.00                                       
DRAWING AND PAINTING 11, 12             (4 credits)                   (MSADP11, MSADP12)
Drawing and Painting 11 and 12 are courses designed to appeal to the student who is interested in developing a range of drawing and painting skills.  Along with developing these technical skills, the student will examine a variety of images and themes used in conjunction with the elements and principles of design, art history and criticism.  Since assignments will often be related to the student's own interest, the ability to work independently is important.                                   
Supplementary Fee:  $15.00                                                   
                                                                          (4 credits)                (MSAPG11, MSAPG12)
Graphics 11 and 12 provides students with a background in "Art Prints", involving the concepts of multiple prints and quality print production.  Areas of study include intaglio, relief and stencil prints.  The student will cover a variety of techniques including monoprints, embossing, lino or woodcuts, collographs, screen printing, dry point and etching.  Basic skills in drawing, designing and commercial graphics will be an important part of this course.  An introduction to computer graphics with some involvement in page layout and design, photo manipulation, illustration and animation is planned.   Supplementary Fee:  $15.00                                                                   
ART FOUNDATIONS 11, 12                        (4 credits)                                       (MAF--11)
These courses provide a variety of art and craft experiences suitable for any student, regardless of art background.  Students are introduced to basic design principles in a variety of media and problem-solving situations.  Studio work may include an introduction to graphics, drawing and painting, design and sculpture.  Students will be shown how to develop both their creative and technical skills.  Art 12 will have more assignments related to the student's own interest. 
Supplementary Fee:  $15.00