Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District

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Deadline to Apply
Loran Scholarship
​Grade 12 students interested in applying for the Loran Scholarship should see Mr. Lavallee in Student Services, Room 107.
Focus is on character, service and leadership - $100,000 over 4 years.
To be nominated by our school, application deadline is October 1, 2017.
Details at http://www.loranscholar.ca/
​October 1, 2017
Queens University
Are you seriously interested in attending Queens University?  Check out the following link http://www.queensu.ca/studentawards/admission-awards/major-admission-awards.  To be nominated by the school you must submit the practice application to the Mr. Lavallee by November 15, 2017.
​November 15, 2017
Society of Punjabi Engineers and Technologists of BC
​SPEATBC will be awarding five scholarships.  Application information SPEATBC Scholarship Information Package 2018.pdf.
​January 5, 2018
Scholarship Website

Link to Scholarship Resources
Criteria​Amount (Value shown is based on prior years' awards.)
​Outstanding Graduate Scholarship Award

Most Outstanding Graduate Overall

Strongman All Rounder Award
(2 Awards)

1.  Leadership
2.  School Citizenship
3.  Community Service
4.  Involvement in Athletics and the Arts
5.  Academic Achievement

$2,000 each
Top Scholar Grade 8-12 Award                 

1.  Academic achievement, proof of post secondary application
2.  Best academic record in courses for 5 years (Grades 8 - 12)

Top Citizen Lynda Berry Award

1. Outstanding record of public service or community

2. Display exceptional leadership and organizational skills in a service/volunteer capacity

3. Characterized by Staff and Peers as industrious, conscientious, self-sacrificing and compassionate

4. a) Number of School / Community hours b) record of annual HSS SERVICE AWARDS c) record of Grade Top Citizen Awards d) range of services provided (multiple venues)  e) leadership / organization component of service"

Quinn Keast Award

Athletic, sensitive, considerate, hard working, silent leader, academic

Academic Excellence Award

1. Diligence in achieving academic excellence 

2. Proof of registration at Post Secondary Institution required

Strachan Hartley Memorial Award

1. Participates and excels in athletics 

2. Commitment to academic pursuits 

3. Displays leadership in personal endeavours 

4. Involvement in community initiatives

5. Demonstrates financial need"

Nigel Moore Memorial Scholarship Award
Passion for the Humanities

Handsworth Outstanding Achievement Award

Earl Beaumont Citizen Award

PAC Award

1. Service to school, community 

2. Help those in need, humble, unassuming, quiet

Ray Noel Citizen Award

PAC Award

1. Top Citizen

2. Service to school, community 

3. Dynamic, energetic

4. Satisfactory academics

Canadian Federation of University Women Award
(2 awards)

Grade 12 Female Student academic, citizenship, community, financial need

$750 each
Capilano University Achievement Award

1. Acceptance to Capilano College

2. Academic Qualifications (80%)                                          

Centennial Scholarship Award

1. Reside in the District of North Van 

2. Good student, citizen, and in need of financial assistance 

3. Not to receive other Financial Awards

4. Grade 12 and Graduating

Grad Council AwardFor Leadership on Grad Council$1,000
Jeff Pump AwardGiving, caring, unselfish, community oriented, interest in animal welfare$500
International Award
​Top International

Jim Buchanan Memorial Football Scholarship Award

1. Most Outstanding Football Player in Buchanan Bowl 

2. Five years in the Program

NVTA Future Teacher Award

1. Grade 12 Graduate 

2. Entering a Teacher Education Program

3. Academic Qualifications 

4. Citizenship                                          
North Vancouver High School Education Foundations Award

Multiple Awards

1. Outstanding academic record

2. Community or School Leadership volunteer history

3. Some awards based on financial need

North Vancouver Kiwanis Scholarship City of North Vancouver Award
Community involvement and high academic achievement

Team Clarke Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Community Contribution Award
Active in community, responsible, not necessarily marks based

Student Council Award

1. Grade 12 Member of Student Council

2. Show leadership and responsibility

District Authority Award Scholarship

Multiple Awards

1. Outstanding student in a variety of subject areas

$1,250 each
Stan van Woerkens Scholarship Award
Leadership / Financial Need (Not necessarily academic)

Coast Capital Standing Tall Award
Variety of Criteria
Matthew Robertson Award
Excellence in Film, Design, Arts
Capilano Excellence Award
Commitment to attending Capilano University

Tuition Waiver