Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Honour Roll


Students are recognized as achieving honour roll status in term 1 and term 2 based on their grade percent average. The following criteria apply to honour roll calculations:

1.  Honour Roll with Distinction (Grades averaging 89.5% or higher);

2.  Honour Roll (Grades averaging 85.5% to 89.4%);

3.  Honourable Mention (Grades averaging between 79.5% and 85.4%);

4. Eligible, school-based courses count towards Honour Roll. Courses taken through correspondence, Distributed Learning (other than North Vancouver Distributed Learning)  etc. do not count;

5. The following minimum number of eligible, school-based courses will be used in Honour  Roll calculations:

- Grades 8 – 10: 8 courses ( or the equivalent of a full district program loade.g. academies, Peak Performance Program, etc.);

-  Grade 11: 7 courses;

-  Grade 12: 6 courses (Transition Planning must also be taken but is not eligible).

6.  Students will be ineligible for honour roll if they receive:

-  an Incomplete (I) or Failing (F) grade;

-  a “Needs Improvement” (N) for a Work Habit.

7.  Courses ineligible for honour roll calculation: Teacher Assistant 11, Transition Planning 12, Leadership 11, Peer Tutoring, Career Explorations and Work Experience.

8. For year-end honour roll awards, students who have received Honour Roll or Honour Roll with Distinction in BOTH terms will be invited. The lower of the two awards will be awarded.

9. Honour Roll calculations depend on our developing technological resources. Please note that any emergent changes to this policy will be duly announced in our newsletters and on our website.​