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Community Service - Service as Action Requirements

Why are community service (service as aciton) hours required?


Community service (service as action) is an integral component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. It is the service volunteered by an individual to an organization for the benefit of the community. Starting within the classroom and extending beyond it, community service as action aims to encourage responsible, caring participation in the local community and in the wider world. Our emphasis is on examining our roles as citizens in our local and global community; instilling a sense of personal responsibility with others and within ourselves; and developing the skills and attitudes needed to make a positive contribution to society. By volunteering, students gain a variety of important experiences and knowledge. They gain a sense of responsibility to their community, learn that one person can make a difference, learn the benefit of sacrificing time to help others, tolerance and understanding of the different members of our community, and finally, they gain important job skills and experience.​

Students are required to complete 30 hours of community service (service as action) by the end of grade 10 in order to receive an IB MYP certificate.  In grade 12 students must earn 30 hours of work experience or community service for graduation as documented in the Graduation Transitions 12 course (MGT-12) (​ page 3). Grad Trans 12 is intended to prepare students for a successful transition to life after secondary school. For grade 12 students only, community service hours count for service awards. 

Students who go above and beyond this requirement will receive awards at the awards ceremony. For 30 hours of community service as action, students receive a certificate, for 100 hours or more, students receive special recognition.  In addition, a top citizen award will be given to the student(s) from each grade who complete the greatest amount of diversified service as action each year.

Students are required to record their own hours.  Grades 8-10 and Diploma Programme students may use Managebac, while non-DP grade 11 and 12's will determine their own methods of recording.  For students in grade 8-10, hours may be counted from the first day of school in grade 8 until the last week of classes in June.  For students in grades 11 and 12, April 30th is the cut off date for awards.  Summer hours may be counted for grades 9, 10 and 11.

Students who need a Managebac account may contact IB Coordinators Liz Thornhill or Jennifer Tieche via email or or in person.  When sending an email, please indicate first and last name of student, as well as current grade. Please also direct any questions regarding the community service as action aspect of the MYP program to Ms Thornhill or Ms Tieche.

Community service - service as action

* Supervisors cannot be your parents

* No accepting money for service

* Must provide contact information for supervisor

* Hours during class time CAN count, provided students have permission to miss class from their teacher

* Club meetings do not count for hours

 * Work experience does not count for service hours

Volunteer Opportunities


Students are encouraged to find their own opportunities to volunteer; however, there are also many opportunities available through the school. Students should listen to the announcements and read the TV monitors for options. Students should start early and choose activities that suit their interests so that they have fun while helping out the community.

Other events that students can volunteer for include:​

Parent Teacher Interviews

Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign

Santa’s Breakfast

Score-keeping at sporting events

Hungry for Change 24 Hour Fast

​​For opportunities within the community ​check out:

North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory:​​

North Shore Community Resources:​

Instructions for adding service as action entries to Managebac