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The MYP Personal Project
The IB-MYP Personal Project is the culminating project of the Middle Years Programme. All Grade 10 students at Carson Graham undertake the personal project. It is a significant body of work on a unique topic that is chosen by the Grade 10 student. The Personal Project reflects the student's experience in the Middle Years Programme. Students produce a creative piece of work of their choice and through that piece they demonstrate the skills they have developed through the Middle Years Programme. Students investigate and focus on a theme, topic or issue that is closely connected to one of the five areas of interaction.
The Personal Project offers students a great deal of flexibility and allows for individual expression. It truly is a rich opportunity for students to complete an extended piece of work that challenges their own creativity and thinking about issues of concern to them.
Many students discover that completing the personal project is excellent preparation for further studies. Projects may take many forms such as: creating an original piece of art, writing a piece of fiction, designing an original science experiment, inventing something, learning a new skill, organizing and planning a charity event or developing a business plan.
At Carson Graham Secondary work on the Personal Project begins in the Spring of Grade 9 and is completed in the Spring of Grade 10. Students work on the project outside of regular class time; however, there is support and guidance provided for each student through a teacher supervisor. Students meet with their supervisor regularly to discuss their project. As well, each student is provided with a project guide book to help them with the process. The Personal Project Guide provides a detailed description of
each component of the project. The Personal Project Guide provides a detailed description of each component of the project.
* Students may download a copy of the Personal Project Guide here:

*The instructions given in English classes on completing the report are here: 
PP The Report Format Presentation 2015 Powerpoint.pdf

Carson Graham Secondary School would like to invite you to our annual International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Personal Project Celebration on February 18, 2016. 



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