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The Middle Years Programme


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At Carson Graham, we are proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.​​

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is an inclusive program that challenges our students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world while developing the skills to become critical and reflective thinkers.  The MYP is based around three fundamental concepts -Intercultural Awareness, Holistic Learning and, Communication - that support and strengthen all areas of the curriculum.


Students at Carson Graham take courses in the 8 curricular areas mandated by the MYP Program. These include: Languages (both English and French), Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Physical Education, Arts, and Technology. Yet, while the MYP dictates what subject areas students must study, the curriculum taught is that which is prescribed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. So while the curriculum is not different from other BC schools, it is our delivery and approach to teaching that sets our program and us apart


An MYP student's work is inquiry based and involves a great deal of critical thinking. Through a framework of relevant and challenging experiences, students learn to seek knowledge through discovering who they are; where they are in time and place; how to express themselves; how the world works; how they organize themselves and how they share the planet.


Students are challenged to take thoughtful action with their newly acquired knowledge and skills. In doing so, they develop not only their academic skills, but also their character.

While curricular studies are a component of the program, there are others which are equally as important. Carson Graham students at all grade levels are expected to be contributing members of their community - be it school, local or global. Throughout the school year, students are provided with opportunities to volunteer their service in a variety of ways in the community. As well, students may choose their own volunteer activities. There is a hourly requirement of Community and Service hours that each student must meet in all years of the program.


Finally, in the last year of the program, Grade 10 students take on a final MYP challenge - The Personal Project. Our students are guided through a comprehensive, summative project on a topic of their choosing. They are given  the opportunity to demonstrate their growth as learners and global citizens.


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Liz Thornhill, ​MYP Coordinator

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