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Volleyball Academy / Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence
Academy Applications 2018
​​Applications to Academies begin January 29, 2018 and close March 9, 2018.
Academy Applications 2018

​​Applications to Academies begin January 29, 2018 and close March 9, 2018.

Located at Sutherland Secondary School and Mountainside Secondary School​, Grades​ 8-12

In partnership with Volleyball Canada, the Volleyball Academy consists of two cohorts:

Competitive Cohort – Two Volleyball Canada selected streams at 6:30–8:00 a.m. or 1:40-3:00 p.m.

Academy Stream - Available to all students, regardless of volleyball experience at 6:30–8:00 a.m.

Students will be placed in the cohort where Volleyball Canada determines they would perform best.

This unique program replaces a student's regular Physical Education (P.E.) course and offers 100+ hours of volleyball instruction, combining on-court and physical training.  The program consists of a volleyball curriculum as set out by Volleyball Canada and is in compliance with the BC Ministry of Education's Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Physical Education.  Students earn their grade-equivalent P.E. credit upon successful completion of the program.

Note: Registration in the Volleyball Academy will not affect a player's ability to play on their home school's volleyball team.

How to apply

Applications to the Volleyball Academy begin January 29, 2018 and close March 9, 2018.

All students applying to Academies in North Vancouver must apply online to (starting January 29, 2018)

Out of District applicants please contact to receive the application link. (starting January 29, 2018)

To be completed upon acceptance:

  • Student Medical Form
  • Personal Information Consent Form


Priority 1 - Returning students

Priority 2 - Waitlisted players from previous years

Priority 3 - Lottery for remaining spaces.

Total spots available will be dependent on the number of applications received and the ability of schools to organize suitable timetables to meet student needs.

Elite Stream - Players to be selected based on try-outs as determined by Volleyball Canada.

Academy Stream - Players not selected to the Elite Stream will be selected in a manner consistent with Board Policy 605: Admission of Students to School.  Note: Those players not selected via the lottery will be placed on a waitlist. 


Total cost for the Volleyball Academy will be as follows per school year:

  • Elite Stream - $2,500 program fee per school year
  • Academy Stream - $2,000 program fee per school year

Students must supply their own equipment including shoes, shorts, kneepads, and other volleyball related supplies. 

The first payment confirms placement in the academy and is non-refundable. It is due on or before June 1, 2018. If a family chooses to pay in installments, this must be set up for automatic withdrawal prior to June 1, 2018 with the first payment due September 1, 2018 and then on the first of each month through May 2019. Information for payment will be included in the acceptance package. An additional course fee of approximately $925 may apply to out-of-district students. Non-payment or late payment of fees may incur a penalty and/or result in loss of placement in the academy.


If you have questions about the Volleyball Academy or require more information, please contact:

Dan Huzar
Volleyball Academy Teacher

Deborah Wanner
District Principal