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Outdoor Education Academy

​​​​​​​Applications now available​

Located at Sutherland Secondary, Grade 10

Beginning in September 2017, the Outdoor Education Academy will be a one-year program available to all grade ten students. The program is a collaborative program with Outward Bound Canada. 

Outward Bound Canada (OBC) is one of the leading outdoor adventure and education organizations in Canada.​ As a result of this collaboration, students in the academy will receive the best outdoor instruction and equipment. Outward Bound Canada is providing certified guides for excursions, which may include camping, kayaking, rock climbing and Nordic skiing. The guides will collaborate with the skilled academy teachers to support students on wilderness trips. In addition, Outward Bound Canada will provide, maintain and transport equipment for activities. This will ensure well-maintained and appropriate equipment is always available. Outward Bound Canada is a leader in outdoor risk management and their involvement in the academy means additional onsite safety expertise on outings, as well as enhanced safety training for students. Outward Bound Canada is also integrated in the final curriculum delivery design and provides professional development opportunities for teaching staff.

Throughout the school-year, students will take part is a wide variety of outdoor endeavours that are both day trips and overnights stays. Activities will range from kayaking to camping, and will take place in locations spreading across North Vancouver and extending further along the west coast. Students will kayak in Deep Cove one day and the next they may venture out to hike the Juan de Fuca Trail.​

Registration for the Outdoor Education Academy begins in January 2017. The cost is $2500 per student, which covers the cost of trips, activities, basic equipment and supplies. Students from all districts and countries are welcome. Students can maintain most other arts, sports and other academy commitments​ while also being part of the Outdoor Education Academy.​

How to apply

Round One of Applications is now closed.
The Second Round of Application is now available until March 3, 2017.​

1. Please contact us at to arrange for an interview

2. Bring the following completed forms with you to the interview:

Note: Student Medical and Personal Information Consent forms will be completed upon acceptance 

*Failure to submit all required documentation at the time of the interview will disqualify the application.

For further information, please see​ the application information package​