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Jun 15
Norgate Community Elementary: Revitalizing First Nations and bringing it back to the North Shore


Jody (Sinàmkin) Broomfield, a famous Squamish carver, is busy at work carving a significant piece for the Norgate Elementary School.


Broomfield, who also has a daughter attending Norgate Community Elementary, is proud to be part of the Aboriginal Day celebrations.

He explains the meaning of the intricate design, "This design pays homage to a woman collecting berries in the area. The berries can still be found on the Spirit Trail along Capilano River."

Broomfield also shared some history with us about the area, "X̱wemelch'stn which means "Fast Moving Water of Fish, is a large community within the Squamish Nation of the Squamish people relating to the Capilano River. Women used to pick berries in the summer along the mountainside in Capilano and bring this home for their families to eat in the winter. Hence the carving is significant of the area."

A blessing ceremony will be held on June 28, 2017 to unveil the piece and erected as a monument in the school. 

Says Vice Principal of Norgate Community Elementary, Tristan Crowther, "It is inspiring as we further explore the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation with our students and the connections we have to the land.  The piece reveals the local history of our site, so it's an honour and privilege to listen to Jody as he begins the piece."


"So much effort and emotion goes into each carving that a blessing ceremony is eminent to release the carvings," concluded Bromfield.

Should you wish to attend the event, please check out the Norgate Community Elementary website for more details of the unveiling ceremony:


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