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Jun 15
Lynnmour Kindergarten Ambassadors and Li'l Cubs Program in Action


Written by: Kelly La Roue, Principal, Lynnmour Elementary School

The start of anything new can be exciting…for a young child, starting Kindergarten can be a little overwhelming!

Who best to help our newest and youngest students with their transition to school life than our current Kindergarten students! Shannon Sharp (Family of Schools Leader) and I created an “Ambassador/ Li’l Cub” idea that Tessa Harrington (Kindergarten teacher) and Rita Padilla (Strong Start Facilitator) were thrilled to put into action.

"We learn by doing and we learn when we share our knowledge with others"

Our current Kindergarten students have been very keen and generous Ambassadors to our Li'l Cubs - showing them how fun it is to come to school, where to hang their backpack, how to make boats, how to read the daily weather graph, where the book corner is and how to clean up after centre time!

Inviting our Li'l Cubs to Lynnmour on three separate afternoons has helped them become more familiar and comfortable with their surroundings, ease into the transition of saying good bye to mom or dad, and has really helped them to meet a new friend.

The school staff are excited to get to know our new Kindies as well…. what are they interested in and how can we best meet their needs in September?

We are so proud of our first group of Ambassadors -they met the challenge and succeeded in sharing their knowledge of the "importance of Kindergarten."

We look forward to welcoming our Li'l Cubs in September!


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