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Apr 25
Passing the sustainability torch

By Sarah Smith, M.Urb, Sustainability Team Lead, & Robert Greenwald, PEng, President, Prism Engineering 

Prism Engineering is wrapping up their six years as Energy Manager with the North Vancouver School District and passing the torch to Luke Smeaton as the new Manager of Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Planning.

It has been our pleasure at Prism Engineering to carry out the role of Energy Manager at NVSD. 

This transition gives us a chance to provide some retrospective on the past six years.  Prism has helped NVSD lead the way in energy efficiency in the K-12 sector through both technical, organizational and engagement initiatives.   By identifying and implementing projects and programs, the district has achieved verifiable savings of more than 15% compared to 2010 levels and has avoided costs of more than $1,000,000 over that same time period.  We want to acknowledge the partnership of an extremely dedicated facilities team and committed staff that have made this possible.

NVSD has shown its commitment to sustainability through the extensive Sustainability Strategy process, the integration of sustainability into the classroom, building and operating energy efficient facilities, and working towards a target of 20% energy reduction by 2020.

We have been proud to be part of the District’s ongoing commitment to being “the Natural Place to Learn” and look forward to continuing to support the District’s sustainability and energy management efforts in the future. 


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