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Apr 19
A First Bilingual Environmental Fair at Argyle
By Jennifer Marziali, Grade 10 Student, Argyle Secondary School

Madame Wakefield’s Fral 10 classes hosted an Environmental Fair in March to raise awareness about environmental issues. Sixteen groups of two to six students worked together on unique projects ranging from bee awareness, to recycled art, to plant sales for local organizations in support of the environment.

FRALenviro4.jpg  FRALenviro5.jpg

These topics were chosen carefully by students as to find something they could speak passionately about in French to the grades 4 to 7 French immersion students of Ross Road. The students took time out of their busy schedules to present their projects to other groups, students and teachers alike. As a result, their newfound knowledge was shared with many, informing people on how they can make a difference. 

Their projects consisted of videos, visual presentations, art projects, fundraising and more! All money raised during the fundraising projects was donated to local organizations working towards environmental preservation. In addition, this event gave students the chance to do research on relevant topics, make connections, and look outside of the classroom. Students also gained experience working in teams, learned how to help the environment and learned a number of things by doing research and conversing with their peers about various topics in French and in English.

Overall, students hosting and attending the fair seemed to have enjoyed it. Since many groups had interactive elements, it was a hit with the younger children. Older students and adults seemed to enjoy talking to the groups and learning about their research.

On the whole, this event was enjoyed by the Fral 10 students, Ross Road students, and the staff and students of Argyle. Seeing as this was such a success, us students would be happy to do it again, learn more and share more information about the environment!  


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